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What is An Americano Coffee? Tradition and Preparation

In this article, we will be considering the differences between the two primary Long Coffee drinks in the USA and Western Europe. These are “The Americano” and the “Long Black.” Two very similar coffee styles.

What is Americano?

An Americano is an espresso mixed with hot water, traditionally served in a 2:1 ratio of espresso to water. In the United States, this is typically served in a 3-oz. portion and topped with one inch of foam, just like cappuccinos and lattes.

Americano Vs. Long Black: Differences

The core difference between the two drinks is how they are prepared. The Americano is a popular drink that has many variations. An Americano includes an espresso shot and hot water, but it can include milk or sugar, depending on the taste. The long black coffee will have two shots of Espresso in it. This variant proves to be more robust than one shot. 

How to brew an Americano?

To brew an americano, you will need espresso shots of coffee, hot water, and a pitcher. Start with the Espresso and mix it with the hot water. Use a pitcher to hold your Americano when you want to serve it. Add one ounce of Espresso for every three ounces of hot water in the cup if you want a stronger drink. If you plan on adding ice and milk-like, make sure that these are mixed together before pouring into the glass.

How to make an Americano at home?

  • Pouring hot water into a coffee mug is one of the most common espresso preparation methods. This brings out the flavor of the drink and makes it more pleasurable. At home, we normally use a single shot or a double espresso to fill our cup, resulting in a intense tasting coffee Americano style drink.
  • Alternatively, the espresso is put in first before hot water is added. The crema will be a little bit more mixed up with the espresso, but it will still have the same amount of coffee taste.

This makes the Cafe Americano taste a bit more bitter. The reason for this is that tiny pieces of coffee grounds contained in the crema of the espresso make the drink more bitter. The remaining crema can now be removed with a spoon. If you remove the crema on the Cafe Americano, the taste becomes smoother.

How to Make Americano Coffee Without Machine:

The Americano is a coffee drink that is made from espresso and water. It is usually served as a smaller version, but can also be served as a larger beverage.

In order to make an Americano without an espresso maker, you will need 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of fresh ground coffee beans, and 1 cup of hot water. Place a medium-sized saucepan on the stove and pour in the two cups of water.

Bring to a boil, then reduce to low heat and add one tablespoon of ground coffee beans. Cover with a lid and cook for four minutes, or until the desired strength is achieved.

How to Make Espresso at Home Without Machine:

  • Grind your coffee beans.
  • Heat water in a pot on the stove for about 5 minutes until it boils.
  • Pour hot water into the top part of an espresso maker and then put your ground coffee into the bottom part that has been lined with one or two filters depending on how much coffee you want to make.

How to Make Espresso with a French Press:

If you’re craving an espresso, you can make one at home by using a French Press

You’ll get a similar taste and consistency with this method for espresso. With a French Press, you need to grind the beans properly and get the flavor and consistency you want.

If you want more than just espressos, you can add some frothed milk or whipped cream for more flavor.

How to Make Espresso With a Moka Pot

Making coffee using a Moka pot might seem intimidating at first, but it can be easy. The first thing you need to do is grind your beans. Second, make sure the water in the bottom of the pot is at the right height before adding your ground coffee. One last suggestion – make sure to level off your grounds so that they are flat and even

For 3 minutes, heat your Moka pot on medium-high. After 3 minutes, the coffee should begin to flow into the upper chamber. Pour a direct shot of espresso into your cup, or pour some coffee from the top chamber into a cup of hot water to produce an Americano.

Although a French press, AeroPress, drip maker, or Moka pot can also be used to brew espresso, an espresso machine is the most convenient way to do it. If you have high-quality beans and the right method, you should be able to make good coffee with any type of machine.

An Americano at Starbucks:

So you’re in Starbucks and you’d like to try something new. Americano is a great option; they have Café Americano at a reasonable price.

“How much is an Americano coffee at Starbucks?” you may be wondering. Don’t worry, it’s not prohibitively expensive.

A small americano costs $2.25, a tall one costs $2.45, a grande costs $2.95, and a venti costs $3.25, with an extra shot of espresso costing 80 cents.

This is comparable to purchasing a regular cup of coffee from Starbucks. So, what exactly is in a Starbucks Americano? It’s just an ordinary Americano.

You can have a tall with 3 espresso shots, a grande with 4 espresso shots, and a venti with 5 espresso shots. If you want a stronger coffee, we would gladly add more shots in the same size category.

Americano Recipe:

A Cafe Americano is an espresso that has been diluted with hot water. Here’s how to make 1 cup (120 mL):

Nutritional facts (120 mL):
two calories
0.1-grams total fat


30 mL of espresso90 mL hot (90 °C) water
Preparation instructions for a 120 mL Cafe Americano:

  • Step 1: Preheat the espresso machine’s cup.
  • Step 2: Pour 90 mL of hot water into the cup. Step 3: Brew 30 mL of espresso directly into the cup.
  • Step 4: Using a spoon, skim off the cream that has risen to the surface.
  • Step 5: Drink

What is an Iced Americano?

What is an Iced Americano?

An iced Americano is a cold variant of the original. The preparation steps are almost identical to those used in making an Americano, expect that ice cubes replace the water, and the Espresso needs to be cooled. Iced Americanos tastes different because they include lighter roasted beans.

Americano Vs. Coffee: Differences

The difference between drip coffee and an Americano is in the brewing process. The base ingredients for these two drinks are different. One being ground-up grains, while the other has whole bean ingredients like raw spices, cocoa powder, tea leaves, and more! A cup of brew starts with dripping hot water over roasted seeds or beans. Some people prefer other methods like French press immersion or adding them to a pot of boiling water.

The Espresso: 

The common ingredient for both Americano and the Long Black is Espresso Coffee. So we will begin with a look at Espresso.

In Western Europe, especially in Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Italy, the original name for Espresso was Caffè Crema or Caffè Crema Veneziana. These names sound confusing because there is no milk or cream in this beverage. In Germany, the original name was Kaffee and was the standard for coffee unless the premises had access to a filter machine.

A Single Shot

You need to brew 30ml of coffee in order to make one espresso. A good starting point is with 7 grams of ground coffee, which you can brand as your shop’s brand. If you want to improve the quality of your espresso, check out these tips outlined by our barista!

Coffee Basics: What is Ground Coffee?

A Double Shot

A caffeinated beverage with Fourteen grams of caffeine is known as a Double Shot Espresso.

A Triple Shot

The basics of an Espresso Triple Shot is either to serve three single shots or to forcing 90 ml of hot water under pressure through a basket containing 21 grams of ground coffee in the same 30 seconds.

There are three variations on the standard Espresso.

Short Espresso – Ristretto

A Ristretto is made by using a finer ground coffee and forcing hot water through the grounds in 30 seconds (resulting in 30ml of liquid). This produces a bolder flavor. Following a double shot and halving the time is NOT a Ristretto and can be defined as a weaker Espresso. 

Long Espresso – Lungo

A Lungo produces a smaller portion of coffee than an Americano or Long Black. Its created by making either a regular single shot Espresso or double-shot Espresso. Thus, a single lungo consists of 7 grams of coffee through which 60 ml of hot water is pressed in one minute, and a double lungo consists of 14 grams through which 120 ml of hot water is pressed in one minute.

Swiss Caffè Crema

Popular since the 1980s, it is called the Caffè Crema in Switzerland and in Belgium the Caffè traditional. It is made by pressing 180 ml of water through 14 grams of coarser ground coffee for about one minute.


The Americano is an Espresso that has been diluted with hot water. The Espresso may be a single shot, double shot, or triple shot. The Hot water is added to the Espresso AFTER the Espresso is made. This is quite an important point. The amount of extra hot water added is a matter of taste, but it can be between 30 and 450 ml for a double espresso (which is the normal way it is made). 

Americans had been used to drinking Long Filtered Coffee. When significant numbers of American troops and tourists visited Italy, where Espresso and Cappuccino were the two options available, they found the Espresso too strong for their tastes. The Italian Baristas adapted the Espressos by adding hot water to the espresso and making a longer, milder drink that the Americans were used to. This was called the Americano. 

Long Black 

The Long Black originated in Australia and New Zealand and is an Espresso diluted with hot water (The same as the Americano), but this is important; the water is poured first BEFORE the Espresso is added. The extra hot water is mixed with either a double Espresso or Ristretto to make a Long Black. The amount of extra water added can range between 100 and 120 ml for a double espresso (the normal way it is made). 


The existence of both Long Black and Americano is one of American taste. Coffee has been around for such a long time that the same recipes have been developed and various methods of making coffee. In Bulgaria and Turkey, you may find people who bury a coffee pot in hot sand and produce a long slow brewing process. 

This is often for the benefit of tourists these days, but it reflects historical methods. Generally speaking, in the South-East of Europe, you will find short, strong coffee influenced by the Byzantines, whereas more western parts of Europe have been influenced by the Italians and offer variations on Espresso, with or without the addition of milk.

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