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Five Burr Coffee Grinders for under $50. My Top Picks for 2021

Grinding the coffee beans in the right way will get you the perfect cup of coffee. If you want to start the day with freshly ground coffee, you will need a burr grinder. But, the best part is that you don’t need to break in your savings to get a decent burr machine.

It’s pretty easy to find the best burr coffee grinders under 50 dollars. These affordable grinders are capable of giving you precisely what you want. Burr grinders are well-known for their potential to grind acceptable grounds of coffee beans so that you can have a less bitter and richer coffee flavor.

The burr grinders have two rotating surfaces. They grind only a handful of beans at a specific time for attaining an even size. Regular blade grinders grind into random sizes that cause the coffee to taste bitter.

Here is the roundup of the five best coffee burr grinders for under 50 dollars so that you can grind your coffee to have that perfect taste without burning a hole in your pocket. All these machines have unique features for your needs while looking gorgeous on your countertop.

5 Burr Grinders Under $50 Review 2021

When you grind fresh coffee, it preserves the aromas and flavor that coffee beans deliver. If you don’t want to drink the same kind of coffee, it’s time to grind your coffee beans with the best burr grinders. When you shop for a coffee burr grinder for under $50, you will find different types of heroes. Depending on your specific needs, you should see an affordable burr grinder.

Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder will be the perfect choice for you if you don’t like an electric one. It has a stainless-steel body and has a sleek design. It has a ceramic combo burr, which can last five times compared to the traditional steel blades.

It has an in-built adjustable grind selector that provides you with 18 grind choices. It delivers excellent ground coffee for your specific needs. It takes less space in the kitchen, and it is easy to clean and store. The hand crank produces about 90% lesser noise than a regular automatic grinder. Hence, it should be the best choice for anyone who doesn’t want to wake everyone else in the morning.

Ceramic burrs – The conical burrs are five times longer than the stainless-steel blades. The burrs have a conical shape and help the free-flowing of ground coffee into the receptacle. The unique design of these ceramic burrs traps the residual particles in them. Cleaning them is easy and requires only a brushing.

An attractive design – The JavaPresse coffee grinder is the perfect tool for those who want to get their hands dirty and be in control of every step. The manual grinding process can take a bit more time than an electric one, but it’s worth taking your time with its sleek design and stainless-steel exterior! This burr grinder is an attractive piece of item for your coffee bar or your kitchen.

Adjustable grind selector – The JavaPresse delivers any ground coffee from coarse to super-fine. With the in-built adjuster, you can change the grind setting to one of the 18 different grind options. You will have complete control over the size of ground coffee for any choice of coffee application.

These sizes are perfect for a wide range of brewing methods, like cold brew, French Press, espresso, drip, and so on. It can grind specific spices and herbs in certain settings. This grinder comes along with an owner’s manual that explains the click system.

Portability and compact size – The crank handle is detachable for cleaning and storing. You can carry it in your backpack or luggage while traveling or vacationing. You can even take it in your briefcase when going to work. It is a perfect grinder for camping, as well. Now you can enjoy freshly-ground coffee both indoors and outdoors.


  • Portable and compact
  • Stainless-steel body
  • Ceramic combo burr
  • Adjustable grind selector
  • No cord or batteries


  • Long-lasting durable burrs
  • Easy clean-up
  • Attractive design, classic appearance
  • A quiet performer
  • Great for camping and traveling
  • Consistent grinds each time
  • 18 grind size options


  • The ceramic burrs need replacement
  • Time and effort consuming
  • Moisture gets trapped sometimes

Frequently asked questions:

1: How much coffee can I grind?
A: You can grind about a cup of coffee beans at a time.
2: How much time will it take to grind?
A: It may take about 8 minutes for an average grind. For a finer grind, it will take a little more time.
3: Can it fit in an Aeropress?
A: Yes, remove the crank handle.

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OVEN Burr Coffee Grinder Manual

Ovente is changing the game with their manual coffee grinders called “the art of burr.” Ovente has many new fans among coffee enthusiasts who believe that these hand-operated devices produce a better roast and more flavorful cup. This specific product is designed keeping in mind a few people who love to grind their coffee beans.

Ovente gives you an edge over its products that other brands don’t. It is the extra hour that becomes so important in anyone’s life. An extra hour for a run or watch the sunset with your family. Time is of great importance, and that is why Ovente emphasizes it.

This specific coffee grinder is very easy to use. You can even use it with your eyes closed. Everyone in the house, be it your sister, little brother, or cousin, can easily use this manual coffee grinder. In the end, you would be able to drink a delicious cup of coffee.

The procedure for grinding is pretty simple. You need to load it with coffee beans, grind it, add some water to it, and allow it to sit for a while. Great coffee is right at your fingertips, and it appears that a professional person made it.

Bump and grind – The Ovente coffee grinder is a great performer. It has a little bump, and you can get a lot of grind in a short time. There is a grind selector, and you can choose how fine the powder should be. The fineness of the ground coffee depends on you.

Time is of great importance – Ovente takes full responsibility for providing quality products. They save you time because it is easy to use, and at the same time try to maximize your resources. Ovente has found out new ways of doing innovative things. They have changed and adapted themselves to the required needs.

Elegant and durable – You can take it anywhere you go and have a great experience. When the heartwarming aroma of the coffee hits your nose, you will feel like you are in a calm environment. This elegant burr grinder is perfect for the coffee lover. It’s designed to last a long time and can withstand high temperatures, which makes it ideal if you want some fresh ground beans in your morning cup of joe or tea.


  • A ceramic conical burr grinder
  • Stainless-steel body for more durability
  • Adjustable grind size
  • Portable, suitable for outdoor use
  • No batteries no cord
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Durable and long-lasting burrs
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Performs with little to no noise
  • Perfect for camping
  • Grinds up to 6 cups of coffee beans
  • Silicone flap lid


  • Takes a long time to grind
  • The ceramic colonial burrs need to substitute
  • The screw holding the handle may fall off sometimes

Frequently asked questions:

1: Can I use it for grinding other things?
A: Yes, you can grind spices, herbs, and so on. But you have to clean it after a single use.
2: How much coffee can I grind?
A: You can grind 6 cups of coffee beans.
3: Is this item easy to use?
A: Yes, you and your family members can use this item with ease.

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SHARDOR Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Shard or is a specialist when it comes to small kitchen appliances. It develops and launches durable kitchen products from time to time. The burr and powerful motor grind the beans in a few seconds that unlocks the delicious flavor.

Shardor electric burr coffee grinder is one of the best grinders for better coffee. They provide only the best kitchen small appliance to their valued consumers. This particular grinder has an elegant design and consists of BPA-free materials.

This specific burr grinder has a sleek design and fits in almost every kitchen cabinet. It uses a metallic burr system for grinding coffee beans. You can select from 18 different grinding options for other brewing methods. You can choose between 2 to 14 cups.

The grinder provides fast and powerful performance. And you can effectively grind the coffee beans. Within moments your beans would be ready for brewing. It is a great electric burr grinder. And it will be the perfect choice for you regardless of which coffee machine you use.

EighteenThere are 18 individual settings for your different brewing needs. Grinding settings – It uses a metal burr system that ensures that coffee beans are finely ground. You can use it in espresso, drip coffee, French Press, and other crafted-style drinks. Make sure to adjust the grinding settings before adding coffee beans.

Burr grinding system – Shardor has a system that can prevent the overheating of beans. In this way, it retains the fragrance and flavor of the beans. This will result in better taste. You can select between 2 and 14 cups for your specific needs.

Other features – The grinding chamber is easy to clean. You can also take out the ground coffee with ease. The upper burr is removable along with the chamber and hopper. There is a brush so that you can use it to clean the different components. The grinder stops on its own when the grinding is over. The electric cord is manageable, and it keeps the machine clean and tidy.


  • 18 precise grind settings
  • Durable body for smooth performance
  • BPA free plastic materials
  • Select cup setting from 2 to 14
  • Easy cleaning with removable components


  • Burrs that work for a prolonged time
  • Advance burr grinding system
  • Many grinding settings
  • Automatic stop after grinding
  • The electric cord is manageable


  • It may take some space on your countertop
  • Needs special care

Frequently asked questions:

1: Can I grind spices in it?
A: You can use it to grind spices. But you need to clean it in due time because of its taste.
2: Does it have different grind settings?
A: Yes, it has different grind settings like espresso, drip, or percolator.
3: How will I clean the burr?
A: Make use of the small brush that comes with the grinder.
4: Do I have to hold the button to grind the beans?
A: Set the number of cups and then press the button once.

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KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee

Krups is an expert in food coffee preparation since 1846. They believe that the details of a product make all the difference. Hence, they design specific and robust products that are amazing to use. The details cast a magical spell and delight your beloved ones.

They set high standards when it comes to quality. For more than 150 years, they have been doing so. They put precision, perfection, and passion in the heart of every product. The Precision Grinder has an array of fresh and brand-new coffee aromas.

The ground coffee is perfect for French Press, Espresso, Pour Over, Drip Coffee, and many more. It allows you to fine-tune the coffee beans with the help of 12-grind sizes. You can extract the perfect flavor of the beans for different brewing methods.

The grinding disks of this precision grinder increase the flavor profile. You can have the choice to opt from 2 to 12 cups before grinding. This will help you to get the exact quantity each time you need them.

Premium burr grinder – Flat metallic coffee burr grinder provides complete control over the size. It also provides an even grinding for obtaining the full coffee flavor. This low-price grinder has flat burrs rather than conical burrs. But it delivers a steady grind with the help of many coarseness settings.

Twelve grind settings – Krups has 12 different settings for grinding. The settings are with micro-adjustments for perfect to coarse grinding. They grind coffee beans for cold brew, espresso, French press, and many more. You can set the grind between 2 and 12 cups of coffee. When you get the exact amount of coffee, the machine stops.

Capacity – This Precision Grinder comes with an 8-pound hopper for whole coffee beans. The ground container can accommodate 30 to 32 cups of best ground coffee. The ground container is removable. You can clean it with ease.

Other features – The grinder is easy to clean and gets fits anywhere in the kitchen. You can take out the ground coffee with comfort. The top burr is removable, and you can clean it with less effort. There is a cleaning brush for you to clean the removable components. The grinder stops when the grinding is over.

With the On/Off button, you can have a one-touch operation. The auto-stop marks the end of one complete grinding cycle. Coffee lovers will appreciate the perfect taste of ground coffee. Cooking will be of immense pleasure when it gets the finest taste of fresh spices.


  • Improved precision and performance
  • Metallic flat burr provides full control
  • The customizable grind of 12 individual settings
  • Select cup setting from 2 to 12
  • Effortless cleaning


  • Effective flat metallic burrs
  • Large capacity that grinds for more than 30 cups
  • Different customizable grinding settings
  • Automatic stops after one complete cycle
  • Brush for an easy cleaning
  • One-touch operation button



  • The design may not be eye-catching
  • Uneven grinding on rare occasions


Frequently asked questions:

1: Can I grind flaxseed in it?
A: Yes, the flaxseed will turn into a pulp, and you can use it for your smoothies.
2: How to clean it after grinding spices?
A: Grind one teaspoonful of dry white rice and baking soda for a minute. Empty it and wipe the chamber with a paper towel. Never use water, or else the motor will seize, and the grinder will be useless.
3: Can I grind herbs like garlic, ginger, mint, and similar others?
A: Use it for grinding fried items. It doesn’t grind the fresh herbs.
4: Does the electric cord pull back into the base?
A: It doesn’t retract into the base.

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CUISINART Supreme Grind Automatic Burr

When it is about kitchen appliances, Cuisinart is the brand that you can put your trust in. The Cuisinart Supreme Automatic has a coffee bean hopper. This automatic grinder has 18 different grind selection settings. The grinding container can hold about 32 cups of coffee.

When it comes to quality, they stand out from the rest. They can produce a range of grounds from extra-coarse to ultra-fine. You can choose between 4 to 18 cups of coffee at a given time. All you need to do is to set the exact number of cups before grinding the beans.

The elegant brushed steel burr boasts a greatest of 18 levels. The beans should be grinding for a better cup of coffee. The ground coffee will have the right flavor, aromas, maximize oils, and excellent grade. The remaining grounds are in the chamber after making 18 cups of coffee.

Keep in mind not to place the appliance near an electric burner, hot gas, or a heated oven. You can keep the machine clean effortless. Everything is removable in this machine, the grind container, the hopper, and the burr mill. It’s pretty easy to clean—the one-touch power button functions like cheese.

Build quality – The build quality of this coffee grinder is quite decent. At this price, its design is bound to last for a prolonged time. But still, it uses many plastic components that appear flimsy. This automatic grinder has a stainless-steel finish. It looks professional, sleek, and its design is classic. The grinding chamber and the bean hopper are pretty large and serviceable. The vast space allows for more amount of coffee beans.

Easy to use – This Cuisinart Supreme automatic grinder is very easy to use. It functions with a single button. It has a dial control that determines its roughness. There are no sophisticated controls or features in this machine. Hence, you can’t misuse it. The removable grind container and the bean hopper is easy to operate. It comes with a soft cleaning brush.

Consistency – They are superior to the blade grinders. There will be superfine coffee grounds, and they make great flavors for your cup. But the grind from this grinder needs more effective results. At coarser settings, the results are impressive. , Everything between a fine’ and a rough’ set seems to deliver a result like roughness.

Best features – The grinding chamber can hold coffee for at least 32 cups. But it depends on the brewing methods. You can have a separate one-touch button for operation. The auto-stop marks the end of a complete grinding cycle. An electric timer shuts off the machine when the grinding is over. Coffee lovers will like the perfect taste of ground coffee.


  • It provides the best flavor and uniform grind
  • Elegant styling with electric cord storage
  • Grind selection from 18 positions
  • Slide dial of around 18 cups of coffee
  • Removable grind chamber that can hold up to 32 cups of ground coffee
  • Automatic shut down


  • Timer with automatic shut down
  • Coffee beans hopper of 8 pounds with a scoop
  • Brushed stainless steel body
  • One-touch power button
  • The ground coffee container of 32 cups
  • Can make 4 to 18 cups of coffee


  • The bean hopper is not smooth
  • Not the finest grind level


Frequently asked questions:

1: Can I grind mushrooms in it?
A: No, it is not wise to grind mushrooms. It may damage the internal parts of your grinder.
2: Do they have blade burr or conical burr?
A: There are conical burr and flat disc burr grinders. It is the flat disc type.
3: Will it overheat the fresh ground coffee?
A: No, it won’t overheat the grounds like other blade grinders.
4: Does it produce a lot of noise?
A: It is noisier and slower than a standard conical burr grinder. They have less consistent ground sizes.

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Buyer’s Guide:

Burr grinders will give you the most consistent coffee grind. It is an upgrade to your brewing experience. But which features should you consider most while buying them? It may confuse you sometimes. Here are some quick buying tips.

Settings – The first and the most important thing is to know what your grinder can do. In general, it will provide many settings. You can select the grind size for your brewing methods. The grind setting you choose will produce a rich and consistent texture.

You won’t want any type of lump floating in the ground powder. The grinder’s settings should produce a different product every time. That’s because the needs of people will vary.

Burr or conical? – When you go through product descriptions, you will come across two varieties of burr grinders. They are conical and flat. They represent the shape of the burrs. The coffee beans will pass through these burrs. The form of the burrs does the same thing to the coffee beans each time.

Like many other brands, each of them will advocate that their product is the best. The budget bracket here is much lower, and hence it won’t make any significant difference. Only the real coffee enthusiast will make strong opinions. They can only tell the difference in the taste of the ground coffee.

Manual or electric? – It is another essential aspect to think about if you want a manual or electric grinder. Many people will opt for electric models when it is about buying an appliance. But sometimes, the manual models have better performance. It is not good to overlook them.

If you think your morning coffee is an integral part of your day and consider it ritualistic, grinding coffee by your hand is much worthy of it. A manual machine is portable, and you can use it anywhere you like.

You don’t have to skip camping because you can’t get a great coffee, or while traveling, you can take it along. But when you are having many people at home, an electric model will be the best choice.

Features – It will be nice if these machines aren’t messy, like spilling the grounds all over the kitchen. Or, it will be nice if it is easy to clean. But in reality, an electric motor grinding machine will wake up other members of your house. The noise level is something that you need to consider.

Many coffee experts like the auto-stop feature. They set it for 2 cups and walk away. They know that the machine will stop on its own. And, remember this thing will sit on your countertop all the time for some years. Make sure to buy one that will fit in that space without hurdle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a burr coffee grinder?

A coffee grinder is a device that grinds coffee beans into smaller pieces. The process may also be called milling or grinding.

How do burr grinders work?

A burr grinder operates by breaking down beans to a uniform size through rotating blades with sharp edges. It does this by placing the beans between two revolving disks, each made up of many small teeth or “burrs.”

Why is a conical burr grinder better?

Flat burrs are more expensive on average but are also more consistent. They can be noisy if not properly ventilated and may overheat if they’re used for long periods of time. Most conical burrs are quieter and cooler, but more expensive. You need to figure out which character is most important for you.


All these machines give an array of grinding possibilities and deliver them with consistency at an affordable price. If you haven’t made coffee from fresh grounds, now is the time to experience that. The rich aromas and complex flavor will amaze you.