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Drink Coffee Warm? Experts Have a Better Suggestion

The hot coffee versus iced coffee battle is still going on today. You have the people who love to drink hot coffee all year. Other people prefer to drink iced coffee year-round. Certain people enjoy both kinds of coffee.

Let’s discuss the general benefits of drinking coffee. We caution you on what could happen if you drink coffee on an empty stomach. We will also touch on a better suggestion if you prefer to drink your coffee warm. You’ll even learn the healthiest way to drink hot coffee and how you can healthfully drink iced coffee.

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee Whether Hot or Iced

If you love coffee, you will experience many health benefits. The caffeine in coffee stimulates your energy and acts as an appetite suppressor. Drinking coffee will reduce headaches and lower the likelihood of forming new cavities.

When you drink coffee, your body will enjoy the disease-fighting antioxidants. Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and dementia. It can lower the risk of depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer, and colon cancer.

Drinking coffee helps you to have a faster metabolism. Hence, you can burn more fat by drinking coffee in moderation.

Can I Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach?

It’s recommended to not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Especially if it’s hot coffee you are drinking, the acidity of it could upset your stomach. It’s best to drink coffee during a meal or after a meal so that it digests better in your body.

You can suffer from blood sugar spikes, acid reflux, and jitters by drinking coffee on an empty stomach (Triffin 2021). Blood sugar spikes are especially dangerous if you are a diabetic due to a lack of blood sugar control.

Drinking coffee relaxes your esophagus and may cause your valve to not shut for digestion, which could lead to heartburn.

Coffee has a fast digestion time of 45 minutes. This means you feel the jitters from the caffeine coming into your system too fast. You could also experience a fast heartbeat drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Yet, some people who drink coffee on an empty stomach may not feel any of these symptoms. If so, see if your symptoms change over time. If you do find that one or more of these ailments do happen to you when drinking coffee on an empty stomach, be sure to enjoy it after your meal.

Do You Prefer Warm Coffee? Experts Have a Better Suggestion

If you prefer your coffee warm, experts actually have a better suggestion. You should drink iced coffee more so for added health benefits.

While you may enjoy drinking your coffee warm, you are consuming a more acidic beverage. The oils from the coffee bean come out into the beverage when it’s brewed. Hence, the oils released from the brewing process are what make hot coffee more acidic.

Rao and Fuller (2018) reported that cold coffee has lower titratable acid levels than hot coffee. This is because cold brews take more time to make and extract the natural oils, caffeine, and sugars. The hot water used to make hot coffee makes the process more instant. It does not allow enough time for the oils to be more balanced like in cold brew.

Meiklejohn and Hughes (2020) say that iced coffee is 67% less acidic than hot coffee. The cold brew in particular is less acidic. This means you can taste more of a flavor when you drink iced coffee rather than the bitterness of hot coffee.

The oils extracted from the heat in hot coffee make it more acidic than iced coffee. The acid in hot coffee causes stomach pain and stained teeth. Iced coffee is easier on your teeth because of the lower acidity levels. It’s even easier on your stomach because of the lower acidity levels.

Dark roast coffee usually has less acidity than light roast. Rao found that a hot-brewed dark roast may be healthier than a cold-brewed dark roast (Pomranz 2020). The temperature is the main impact of bitterness and acidity in coffee tastes. The higher the temperature means a higher acidity in the coffee. Hence, this is why hot coffee is more acidic than iced coffee.

Is Coffee a Low-Calorie Beverage Option?

Iced coffee usually has low calories and no carbs. A Starbucks 16-ounce iced coffee is only 5 calories. It contains no carbs and no fat (Cano 2021). As long as you drink the correct coffee brew, you can consume coffee and lose weight while doing it.

A standard cup of black coffee is only 2 calories, which is an even lower calorie intake than some iced coffee options.

As long as you do not load either your iced coffee or hot coffee down with high-calorie creamers and sweeteners, you can enjoy a low-calorie beverage.

How Can I Enjoy A Healthy Iced Coffee?

Photo by Demi DeHerrera on Unsplash

This goes into our next section. Let’s discuss how you can enjoy a healthy iced coffee. Sure, it may be less acidic than hot coffee, but loading it down with creamer and sugar will only increase unnecessary calories, fat, and carbs.

Let’s go back to the Starbucks example. The 16-ounce Starbucks iced coffee is only 5 calories without any additives such as cream or sugar. If you do not control the amount of creamer or sugar you place in your iced coffee, you will compromise the overall health benefits of drinking it.

You can use non-dairy creamer products to cut down on the fat and calories in your iced coffee. If you really desire to sweeten your ice coffee, use low-calorie sweetener options.

Cocoa is a nice way to sweeten your iced coffee with just the right amount of sugar without going overboard. You can try this with hot coffee, too.

There are 48 calories in one tablespoon of sugar versus the 12 calories in one tablespoon of cocoa. If you usually like two tablespoons of sugar in your coffee, that’s 96 calories alone for your sweetener.

If you choose to put in cocoa as an alternative, it’s only 24 calories. This saves you 72 calories just from your desired sweetener. Hence, cocoa would be a low-calorie option to consider that could even enhance the flavor of your coffee as well. Who doesn’t like coffee mixed with chocolate anyway?

Ask your local coffee shop about these options. If the options at your local coffee shop add too many calories, consider making your iced coffee at home to control the amounts of cream and sugar you put in your iced coffee, if applicable. Of course, if you prefer your favorite coffee shop’s brew, take it home without any cream and sugar so you can customize it to your liking.

Can I Still Enjoy Hot Coffee?

Yes, you can still enjoy hot coffee despite it being more acidic than iced coffee. Just drink in moderation, especially if the acidity bothers your stomach or stains your teeth. If this is the case, try different hot brew coffees until you find one that agrees with your body.

One of the healthiest ways to drink hot coffee is to drink it black (“Simple ways to make your coffee healthier”, 2020). You get the most health benefits of the caffeine in the coffee by drinking it black. Plus, you do not add any calories or carbs to your coffee by drinking it black.

It may taste bitter without adding cream and sugar. Yet, drinking black coffee will reduce your calorie and sugar intake.

So Should I Drink Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee More?

To cut down on acidity and aid in better digestion, drink iced coffee more than hot coffee. While studies have shown that it’s healthier to drink iced coffee than hot coffee, you can still enjoy both.

Of course, if you prefer a hot drink when it’s cold out, reach for your favorite hot coffee. Change it up whenever you want no matter the temperature outside.

The world is your coffee pot, so you choose what type of coffee you drink as long you know what’s best for you and your body.

Drinking Cold Brew Coffee (Video)

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