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Light Roast Coffee – Our Favorite

The drinking coffee goes way back; some people are addicted to drinking coffee, and others love it for its taste, flavor, or aroma. Whatever your reason is for being a coffee lover, we hope you have tried different flavors, blends, and roasts.

There is the dark roast, medium roast, and light roast. If you are a die-hard coffee fan, you should try the light roast. Not only does it increase your coffee drinking options, but it also gives you a unique taste that you can only get from light roast coffee beans.

Light roast has the most flavor you can get from your beans – as that is the closest to the beans’ natural taste.

What is Light Roast Coffee?

These beans are the same beans used in making dark roast coffee. The difference is in the roasting time; the light roast is roasted for a shorter period. The benefit to roasting your beans light is that the coffee will still maintain much of the fruit notes and acid natural to the beans.

Different companies determine their roasting time – some shorter than others. The standard roasting style is determined by the cracking of the beans when roasting. Some brands of light roast coffee wait until the first crack’s sound before removing the beans. Others do not reach the first crack.

These beans are usually golden to light brown, and they are not only to touch. These beans also tend to contain more caffeine than darker roasts.

Starbucks blonde roast ground

One of the most famous names (if not the most famous) in the coffee market is Starbucks. They have various flavors from different countries; they typically keep three flavors in-store, one of which is the Blonde Roast – known as Veranda.

Unlike other light roast coffee, Veranda does not jolt you up in the morning; rather, it lightly eases you into your day. It has notes of toasted nuts and soft coca. The light blonde roast is a blend passed on by farmers in Latin America; Starbucks’ mass produces it.

Starbucks light blonde is one of the most selling coffee globally, both online and offline. To retain the taste, Starbucks uses the same method the farmers used for decades – growing, roasting, and shipping the beans from Latin America.


  • Gentle flavor
  • Cold water friendly
  • Ground

What We Love

  • Household taste everyone loves
  • Used for making different types
  • Available in 5 different sizes

What Can Be Improved

  • Shipping is only within the USA.

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Coffee Bros Light Roast Whole Beans

Coffee bros are considered one of the newbies in the market – they started operation in 2019 but are among the best coffee out there. Founded by two brothers who want to roast high-quality coffee without compromising the beans, they are doing well so far.

Has sweet and delicate flavors of citrus, floral, and honey. Is an excellent choice for stay-at-home coffee lovers. It’s 100% Arabica and made up of two blends sourced from Keffa, Ethiopia, and Narino, Colombia; both blends were chosen to enhance each other.

Are crisp, easy to drink, and silky, the perfect blend for a breakfast cup. The beans are packed immediately after roasting to preserve their unique taste.


  • 100% Arabica
  • Ground or Whole beans
  • Ethiopia & Colombia origin

What We Love

  • Great flavor
  • Quite affordable
  • Stylish package
  • Sustainably prepared

What Can Be Improved

  • Unattractive beans

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Peet’s coffee Luminosa breakfast blend

For a great choice of coffee to begin your day, try the Luminosa light roast ground coffee. The beans are collected from the top growing coffee regions and roasted in small batches by hand. The beans are bright and come from Ethiopia and Huila, Colombia.

The company has been roasting coffee for over 50 years in Berkeley, CA, and is considered one of the best brands in the market because of its signature blends. The company works directly with farmers to ensure they are getting the best beans.

The term “Luminious” means shinning or bright in Colombia, which is without question where the defining feature of this peppy blend comes from. The beans from the Huila region of Colombia are balanced with the flavor of Ethiopia’s beans – the homeland of coffee.

Beans from Ethiopia are known for their fruity and floral features, which is why this coffee blend brings you lively and lightly fruit-sweet coffee together with floral and aromatic.


  • Whole beans
  • 100% Arabica
  • Cosa Rica and Kenya origin

What We Love

  • Blends are available in different aromatic flavor
  • Grown in Columbian Highlands
  • Three blends available
  • Grown 100% sustainably

What Can Be Improved

  • Shipping within the USA only
  • Available in only 12 oz bag

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Real Good co breakfast blend light roast

If you are a chocolate lover and prefer the whole bean rather than the blend, then this coffee is the best thing that will happen to you. Grown in Central and South America but packed in Seattle, the real good coffee Co breakfast blend is an excellent choice for everyone.

Made from premium quality Arabica coffee, this light roast is collected from growing spots in large batches, roasted, and packed immediately to preserve its freshness. The beans are sustainably sourced and packed with recyclable materials.

With a light blend richer than most light roast coffees, a sweet citrus smell leads you into notes of milky chocolate and double cream with no bitter aftertaste. The bean can be used in any coffee machine and can be prepared in any manner. It withstands milk well and gives you good value for your money.

If it’s your first time trying light roast coffee, you can be certain that with a really good coffee light breakfast blend, your first time will not be your last.


  • Light roast
  • 100% Arabica
  • Aromatic notes

What We Love

  • The aroma of milk chocolate and cream
  • Suitable for all coffee brewers
  • Shipped worldwide

What Can Be Improved

  • Available only in a size

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Cameron’s breakfast blend

If you need a cup of fruity coffee to wake you up each morning, then get Cameron’s coffee breakfast blends. The beans are sustainably sourced, roasted in small batches, and hand-packed to preserve freshness. The breakfast beans blend is sourced from South and Central America.

Maintaining a golden color – never over-roasted, the Cameron coffee breakfast blend is selected from the top 10% of beans for top-notch quality. The blend of Colombian supremo, gold roast blend, and Kona blend gives the bag a clear, unique, and fruity note.

The light smooth roast has complex flavors of red fruits and caramel finish with no bitterness. For the quality of coffee, you will get, it comes at a bargain price.


  • Handcrafted
  • The rich and mild flavor
  • Sustainably sourced

What We Love

  • Smooth flavor
  • No bitterness
  • Fruits and caramel taste
  • Great Aroma

What Can Be Improved

  • It only comes in one size

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Fresh roasted Ethiopian Sidamo light roast

Sidamo Guji in the coffee-growing region of southern Ethiopia; produces some of the best and highest quality coffee in Ethiopia. The area’s climate is dry with acidic soil that grows beans; it’s known for its remarkable fruity flavors.

These fresh roast beans are a top-of-the-line choice from Ethiopia. The beans are chosen carefully and sustainably, considering the flavor, quality, and origin of the beans. The beans is roasted in a special loring smart roaster that offers enhanced roasting precision, cutting carbon emissions by up to 80%

The fresh roasted light coffee has fruity and wine-like flavor notes of cherry and strawberry enhanced by natural processing. After brewing these beans, you will get a medium color, bright acidity, and a very excellent earthy finish.


  • Whole beans
  • 100% Arabica
  • Ethiopia origin

What We Love

  • 100% organically grown
  • A favorite of coffee lovers
  • Pure Arabica
  • Fruity aroma
  • Available in three sizes

What Can Be Improved

  • Not as flavored compared to other light roasts

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Kuju angels landing

If you are the sort of person that is always on the move but will still want to have a great cup of coffee, the Kuju angels landing coffee is for you. Light roasted, the coffee comes in single-serve pour-over packs that are portable and will easily fit into your bag.

Kuju is fresh, revitalizing, has a smooth finish, and notes of vanilla and grapefruit. The beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from Thailand, South and Central America. The blend is from various parts of the world, but primarily from Thailand.

Kuju coffee angel landing has a unique design made from environmentally friendly compostable and recyclable materials. The single coffee packets come with small pour-over filters that are designed to anchor on your coffee mug.

This has the dominant flavor of floral, citrus, and nutty notes; it has a medium body with light acidity. Each packet is designed to keep oxygen out and your beans as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Angel landing is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and packed in a wind power facility.


  • Ethically sourced
  • Ground coffee
  • Sustainably packed
  • 100% Arabica

What We Love

  • Great tasting nutty undertones
  • Easy to prepare
  • Convenient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unique and well packed

What Can Be Improved

  • A bit pricey

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Kicking horse coffee

True to their name, kicking horse has been kicking for over twenty years. It’s the type of coffee that hits you hard in the morning, clearing your foggy brain and getting you ready to begin the day. Kicking horse beans are ethically sourced and described as ‘a hot tropical storm sailing off to sea.”

The light roast beans have red current sourness and an almond and honey body; it’s lively with little acidity and a complete finish. 100% Arabica, the beans are grown in a socially responsible manner from a variety of Southern and Central American coffee farms.

The beans are roasted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and have a great Aroma of brown sugar, rich nougat, and cocoa powder. The beans can be brewed in various ways, including drip machine, espresso, pour-over, French press, and cold brew.


  • Light roast ground
  • 100% Arabica
  • Great taste

What We Love

Responsibly grown

Tasting notes

Perfect for early mornings

Ethically sourced

What Can Be Improved

  • The ground is too fine

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Caribou, daybreak morning blend

The caribou light roasted combines two flavors; fruity taste and the sweetness of caramel. Collected from the top 1% beans globally, this light roast is created in small batches. It is handcrafted and prepared with consideration of the rainforest.

This breakfast light roast is lightly blended and has sweet caramel and nut finish. It has a smooth, tangy flavor that will hit you on the first sip and help to kick start your day. The beans used in making the caribou light roast are grown in the Middle East and America.


  • Ethically sourced
  • Light blend
  • Ground

What We Love

  • Available in two sizes
  • Floral cherry flavor
  • Balanced Fruity and nutty flavor

What Can Be Improved

  • Available only in the USA

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Amazon fresh direct trade

The Amazonfresh direct light roast is a favorite by most people who frequent Amazon. It’s available In four different flavors and collected from the growers directly; it is roasted and immediately parked. It is smooth with slight citrus and floral notes added for you to enjoy and savor.

Available as whole beans and ground, giving you the option of choosing. A lot of people prefer the whole beans; they said it has more flavor than the ground. The beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from Rwanda.


  • Direct trade certified
  • Delicate flavor and citrus notes
  • 100% Arabica

What We Love

  • Roasted expertly in small batches
  • Packed after roasting to retain freshness
  • Different grounding options to brew

What Can Be Improved

  • Available in only one size

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When it comes to choosing the right light roasted coffee, there are a few things to consider. What brand is regarded as the best, and why? What choice of beans should you buy?

All of these questions will be answered below.

Bean Origin

You must consider the origin of your bean, especially for light coffee. The bean origin plays a huge role in the quality and flavor of the bean. The soil, climate, growing condition, and processing method all determine your bean’s flavor and taste.

Unlike dark roast coffee, the taste and flavor of light roast beans are not significantly affected by the roasting process. Some coffee bag contains beans from a single place referred to as single-origin, while others might contain beans from different regions – regarded as a blend.

Bean Type

There are two commercial types of beans grown around the world, Robusta and Arabica. You should buy Arabica beans for lightly roasted beans as they are known to be of higher quality and sweeter, pronounced acidity, softer taste, with notes of sugar, berries, and fruits. All of these you can taste when you have light roast beans.

Robusta beans, on the other hand, have a harsher, grain-like taste and nutty finish. They are more popularly used in instant coffee and are known to contain more caffeine, so some people like it better.


How much you have and how much you are willing to spend goes a long way in determining your purchase value. There is a coffee brand for everyone, but some brands are better than others. There are a few good brands that are quite affordable.


Is blonde coffee the same as light roast?

A blonde roast is not the same as a light roast. The blonde roast is typically lighter than the average light roast beans, but some brands tend to interchange the term to mean light roast.

Is light roast coffee less bitter?

Generally, the light roast is usually not as bitter as the dark roast. You should also know that the bitterness or acidity you taste can be associated with the coffee beans and the method of preparation.

Is light roast healthier?

There isn’t much difference between the light roast and the dark roast in terms of the caffeine quantity. However, the light roast has been proven effective against inflammation and damaged cells.

What other way can i make my coffee less acidic?

When brewing your coffee, you can either add baking soda to neutralize acidity or add a little baking soda into your coffee. Ensure you do not put too much baking soda, as too much can leave you with side effects.

In conclusion, If you are yet to try light roast, now is the best time to give it a try. The reviews above and the buyer’s guide will help you make a good choice.

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